Microwave Tunnel Type Tenebrio Molitor Drying and Puffing Equipment LD1927

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF Microwave heating of Tenebrio Molitor can be mass-produced. Still, there is a suppressor microwave low energy zone from the feed end of the tunnel to the microwave heating box, while the yellow mealworm is a living insect. Tenebrio Molitor easily climbs to the edge of the conveyor belt and outside the conveyor belt; the equipment cleaning process takes time and labor. Excessive microwave power in the microwave heating zone is likely to cause a blasting phenomenon. The blasting insects easily fly to the bottom surface of the conveyor belt, which causes trouble in cleaning … Read more

Chinese Herbs Microwave Decocting Machine LD1924

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF At present, domestic and foreign hospitals, pharmacies that commonly adopt Chinese herbs microwave decocting machine that is heated by electric or gas. It uses the heat generated by the electric resistance of the electrical resistance wire or the liquefied gas’s combustion to heat the bottom of the stainless steel tank. The convection of the water is heated to decoct, the decocting time is extended, the speed is slow, and manual extrusion is required. The manual squeezing of the slag is labor-intensive, the operation is cumbersome, the solid and liquid separation is not thorough, and … Read more

Microwave Hot Air Dehydrating Drying Machine LD1504

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF Microwave hot air dehydrating drying machine for agricultural and sideline products Agricultural and sideline products are by-products brought by agricultural production, including agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry, deputy, and fishing industries. They are divided into food, cash crops, bamboo and wood, industrial oils and paints, poultry products, silkworm silk, dried fresh fruit, dried fresh vegetables and condiments, medicinal materials, soil by-products, aquatic products, and other major categories. Each category is divided into several sub-categories. Plants include primary products of various plants that are artificially grown and naturally grown. Animals include primary products of various animals … Read more