Microwave Heating Gas Purification Equipment LD1925

Introduce Parameter Operations PDF Download PDF LD1925 microwave heating gas purification equipment is a device for flash processing volatile organic waste gas. It uses the microwave to heat the catalyst and then passes the organic waste gas to be purified into the catalyst layer in the microwave reactor. The organic waste gas is rapidly absorbed by the high-temperature catalyst to purify the harmful substances of organic gas. Microwave purification equipment for exhaust gas is widely used in the automotive, feed, electrical, municipal, pharmaceutical, chemical, light industry, paint, rubber, plastics, and other industries. Malodorous gas emissions / gaseous pollutant emissions The … Read more

Hot Air Circulation Oven LD1604

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF The hot air circulation oven is divided into CT type (centrifugal fan) CT-C (axial flow fan), which uses steam and electricity as a heat source´╝îit is heated by a heater, and a large amount of hot air is circulated in the tank. The fresh air is continuously replenished and enters the tank from the air inlet. Continuously drains from the moisture exhaust port increases the heat transfer effect and gradually reduces the moisture content of the material in the tank. The oven produced by our company is equipped with low noise, high-temperature axial flow … Read more

Fruit and Vegetable Continuous Vacuum Microwave Dehydrator LD1503

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF Atmospheric high-temperature frying method, vacuum puffing method, and vacuum low-temperature oil bath method are the main methods for processing fruit and vegetable chips. The fruit and vegetable chips produced by the vacuum puffing method can maintain the original shape well and retain most of the nutrients. However, the taste is relatively simple and has a crispy taste. The vacuum low-temperature method is a standard technology used in factory production. The fruit and vegetable chips produced by the company have retained the nutrients of most raw materials, and have a crisp taste and a sweet … Read more

Fruit and Vegetable Continuous Microwave Dehydration Equipment LD1502

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF Microwave dehydration treatment is mainly used to dehydrate agricultural products with relatively low water content such as grain, flowers, and tea. For most vegetables and fruits, the water content is over 90%, and the water distribution in the tissue is uneven. The traditional microwave equipment is used for dehydration treatment. It is prone to uneven heating, local coking, and low dehydration efficiency, which affects the product quality of the material after dehydration. Dehydrated vegetables / Dehydrated fruits Advantages of LD1502 fruit and vegetable continuous microwave dehydration equipment: 1. The fruit and vegetable continuous microwave … Read more