Microwave Drying Equipment for Honeysuckle

As we all know, honeysuckle is a kind of Chinese medicinal material that is quite common in our lives. It is praised as a “hero of decreased internal heat” and has the reputation of “plant antibiotic,” which has high medicinal value. Honeysuckle, as valuable raw material, is picked around June. However, because honeysuckle has a short flowering period, a short picking period, a high moisture content, and is easy to rot, it must be dried on the same day after picking. Otherwise, it will cause a lot of waste. The production line of honeysuckle includes de-enzyme equipment, conveying equipment and … Read more

The drying process of cinnamon

Now everyone about eating things is more and more exquisite. The requirements of color, taste, and taste perfect, want food to do delicious. Hence, seasoning nature is not less, such as cinnamon, food in addition to cinnamon will increase a lot of delicious. Edible cinnamon also has warm the middle and dissipate cold, regulating qi and relieve pain effect. The cinnamon we usually use is dried, so how does cinnamon dry? Leader Microwave Equipment’s cinnamon microwave drying equipment can effectively dry cinnamon. Cinnamon Advantages of cinnamon microwave drying equipment: 1.The low temperature drying When using cinnamon microwave drying machine processing cinnamon, … Read more

Description of microwave drying equipment for chemical materials

With the development of science and technology, such as biological products, composite materials, nano-materials, biomedical materials, and other new products appear, the traditional drying technology has been unable to meet higher drying requirements. Therefore, a variety of microwave equipment came into being. The emergence of microwave drying equipment for chemical materials undoubtedly brings us great benefits, is significant progress of the times, to meet the society’s requirements. Nylon Fabric Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s microwave drying equipment for chemical materials adopts advanced microwave technology and is developed and manufactured by professional technicians with exquisite technique and reliable quality. It shows significant … Read more

Microwave Drying Equipment For Rice Noodle

I believe many people like to eat rice noodles. The unique taste of rice noodles always makes people want to eat it. Of course, rice noodles also contain more nutritional elements, often eat rice noodles can also play the role of tonifying blood and invigorating qi, invigorating the stomach and spleen, improve hearing and vision. So rice noodles have been deeply welcomed by the majority of consumers. The rice noodles we usually eat are as dry as noodles, so how are they dried? Microwave drying equipment for rice noodles produced by Leader Microwave Equipment company can dry rice noodles very … Read more

Microwave Drying Equipment for Noodles

Many people like to eat wheaten food, especially in the north. Basically, the people of the north to eat the wheaten food, the noodles in the wheaten food, can be said to be very popular. The noodles have a variety of methods, the small noodles can make a variety of delicious food. The noodles sold in the supermarket are basically dry so that the shelf life of the noodles can be extended to the greatest extent, so how are the noodles generally dried? This requires the microwave drying equipment of noodles produced by leader microwave equipment. noodles Advantages of microwave drying equipment … Read more

Application of Microwave Drying Equipment for Daylily

Now the living standard is getting better and better, and there is more and more delicious food on our table. However, after we have been used to the delicacies of mountains and seas, we want to return to the plain diet, so many people like to eat daylily. The daylily is not only delicious but also contains a lot of nutritional elements. If you eat daylily, it can remove blood stasis and reduce swelling, dispel wind and pain, and cure ulcers. Therefore, the daylily is often used as traditional Chinese medicine. And Chinese traditional medicine should undertake drying processing commonly, … Read more

The production processing of dried mushrooms(Microwave Drying Equipment for mushroom)

People on the pursuit of food is never stopped, a variety of food dizzying, the mushroom is a rare delicacy. Shiitake mushrooms have a unique flavor of their own, and people who like them are very fond of eating them. Shiitake mushrooms are not only delicious but also rich in nutrients. Eating mushrooms regularly is right for your health, so shiitake mushrooms are very popular. Dried Shiitake Mushrooms Shiitake is usually dried. In the drying process of mushroom, we usually use Shiitake Microwave Drying Equipment made by Leader Microwave Equipment. Microwave drying equipment for mushroom Advantages of microwave drying equipment … Read more

Present situation and prospect of Microwave Dryer

Dried fruits, dehydrated vegetables, dried fruits, etc. that we often eat in our daily life are all dehydrated through drying. Microwave drying machines can remove moisture, so that bacteria, yeast, and mold can not grow, ultimately conducive to food preservation. The fruit is then dried or dehydrated to make it lighter and smaller. There are many ways to dry food. The traditional way is to dry it in the sun. But this way of drying, depending on the weather. Drying time is too long, later preservation is also easy to live insects, can not guarantee the color and nutrition of … Read more

Why use Microwave Resin Drying Equipment drying resin powder?

Drying technology has been widely used in food, biology, metallurgy, chemical industry, and other aspects of the national economy, affecting all aspects of national life. Therefore, better drying technology is the key to breaking through the shortage of existing drying technology. The microwave resin dryer has many unique advantages. Drying principles of microwave resin drying equipment: The microwave drying technology of microwave resin powder drying equipment has a unique heating mechanism different from conventional drying. It is mainly manifested in the difference in migration potential and its gradient direction. In traditional heat drying, a heat source transfers heat from the outside … Read more

The advantage and principle of chain plate Microwave Wood Drying Equipment

Since the reform and opening-up,China’s wood drying industry has been rapid development, has become a perfect industrial system. Especially in recent years, with the gradual increase of China’s wood consumption, the wood drying market is more prosperous, which brings an excellent opportunity for the rapid development of China’s wood drying industry. The Microwave hot air dehydrating drying machine LD1504 has the following advantages: 1.Chain plate microwave wood drying equipment has fast drying speed. When Chain plate microwave wood dryer drying wood, because heat is not coming from the outside of wood, friction between water molecules and wood directly generate heat … Read more