Application of Microwave Drying Equipment for Daylily

Now the living standard is getting better and better, and there is more and more delicious food on our table. However, after we have been used to the delicacies of mountains and seas, we want to return to the plain diet, so many people like to eat daylily. The daylily is not only delicious but also contains a lot of nutritional elements. If you eat daylily, it can remove blood stasis and reduce swelling, dispel wind and pain, and cure ulcers. Therefore, the daylily is often used as traditional Chinese medicine. And Chinese traditional medicine should undertake drying processing commonly, so how is daylily dry? This is time to use the Microwave drying Equipment for daylily from the Leader Microwave Equipment company.

day lily

Advantages of microwave drying equipment for daylily:

1.Uniform drying

Uniform drying of daylily is essential. If there is inconsistent drying, some daylily will rot. However, the daylily microwave drying machine adopts the method of microwave drying, which can directly dry daylily, making the drying of daylily very even and improving the sales profit.

2.Advanced technology

The machine adopting mechanized production mode, the operation interface of the daylily microwave drying machine, can be programmed and controlled automatically. It is worth mentioning that it can start and stop immediately, making the operation more simple and technology more advanced.

3.Sterilization, anti-mildew, retain freshness

Microwave drying machine can not only conduct drying treatment but also effectively sterilize daylily because the drying speed is fast, the time is short, so to a great extent reduce the breeding condition of daylily bacteria.

4.It has good nutrition and taste

As a kind of food and medicine, the taste and nutrition of daylily are essential, and the microwave drying machine can complete the drying process in the shortest time, which can retain the nutrition and flavor of daylily to the greatest extent.

5.Reduce labor costs

Suppose the labor cost can be reduced in the production process. In that case, the profit will be significantly increased, and the microwave drying equipment only needs a machine to replace the labor, greatly reducing the labor cost.

Microwave drying equipment for daylily

Technical parameters of microwave drying equipment for daylily:

Drying mediumAir
Input powerThree-phase five-wire 380V±10% 50Hz±1%
Microwave output power30KW(adjustable)
Microwave frequency2450MHz±50Hz
Nominal input apparent power≤70kVA
Height of inlet and outlet50mm
Transmission band width650mm
Transmission speed0.1~5m/min
Cooling mode of microwave systemMagnetron, transformer(Air cooling and water cooling are optional)

Comparison between daylily microwave drying equipment and traditional drying method for daylily:

The traditional drying method of daylily is mostly natural drying or heating drying. It is worth mentioning that when daylily is used as a medicinal material, the conventional drying method will have many disadvantages.

1.Efficiency high

In the process of industrialization, it is inefficient to rely on artificial or natural drying methods. It usually takes several days to completely dry, so it is not possible to timely transport dried daylily for the next step. However, the microwave drying equipment of daylily can complete the drying in a few minutes, greatly improving the efficiency.

2.Nutritional status

As a traditional Chinese medicine, the nutritional elements contained in daylily are essential. After a long time of treatment, the conventional drying method will cause the loss of nutritional elements in daylily, and the microwave drying equipment of daylily can completely avoid this situation.

dried lily flower

With the rapid development of science and technology, microwave equipment has played an increasingly important role in our daily life, such as frozen pork microwave defrosting equipment, tea microwave drying equipment, mushroom microwave drying equipment and so on. Of course, the microwave drying equipment of daylily is also huge, not only can also provide us with higher quality daylily and bring us more fat profits, which is the rare right equipment!