Description of microwave drying equipment for chemical materials

With the development of science and technology, such as biological products, composite materials, nano-materials, biomedical materials, and other new products appear, the traditional drying technology has been unable to meet higher drying requirements. Therefore, a variety of microwave equipment came into being. The emergence of microwave drying equipment for chemical materials undoubtedly brings us great benefits, is significant progress of the times, to meet the society’s requirements.

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Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s microwave drying equipment for chemical materials adopts advanced microwave technology and is developed and manufactured by professional technicians with exquisite technique and reliable quality. It shows significant advantages in the chemical raw material industry and is undoubtedly the equipment that meets new products’ requirements.

Advantages and characteristics of microwave drying equipment for chemical materials:

  1. Microwave heating makes the heated object itself become the heating body, which is called the whole heating mode and does not need the process of heat conduction.
  2. The safe and reliable microwave shielding design of chemical materials microwave drying equipment ensures that the leakage of microwave per square centimeter is less than 2mw, which is far below the national standard.
  3. Realize the non-pollution and even drying of materials. The microwave dryer for chemical materials can greatly reduce the drying temperature and achieve high efficiency.
  4. No high temperature, no wastewater, waste gas emissions, the use of chemical materials microwave drying machinery can truly achieve safe and clean production.
  5. With the characteristics of overall heating, it can achieve uniform heating in a short time, which can make the materials with poor heat conduction get heated and dried quickly. The energy consumption is usually reduced by more than 50%. Moreover, it can also reduce the occupation area of microwave drying equipment and reduce the input of field costs.
  6. Compared with traditional drying methods, chemical materials microwave drying equipment and microwave sterilization equipment for chemical materials have the advantages of a large drying rate, energy saving, high production efficiency, uniform drying, clean production, easy to achieve automatic control and improve product quality.

Microwave drying equipment for chemical materials

Working principle of microwave drying equipment for chemical materials:

Microwave drying equipment for chemical materials belongs to non-standard customized machinery. It is designed according to the shape, size, moisture content, or bacteria content of chemical materials and the product’s temperature resistance, moisture gradient, and microwave characteristics. The wet material is in a high-frequency microwave field with a short oscillation period and the inside of the water molecules. It will cause polarization and arrange neatly along the direction of the microwave electric field. Then, it will rapidly rotate with the interactive change of the direction of the high-frequency alternating electric field, resulting in violent collision and friction. As a result, part of the microwave energy is converted into molecular motion energy, which is expressed in the form of heat, causing the water to rise in temperature and leave the material, thus drying the chemical material.

Technical parameters of microwave drying equipment for chemical materials:

ModelDL-090Height of inlet and outlet50mm
Frequency2000±25MHzTransmission band width700mm
Rated input apparent power≤100KVATransmission rate0.5~5m/min
Microwave output power≥70KW(Adjustable)Dimensions15000*1100*1500 mm

In recent years, microwave technology research and application-level have been greatly improved, mechanical design more and more reasonable, improve the quality, the degree of automation, and after-sales service have been improved, the use of microwave drying equipment users are accelerating the growth trend. Similar machinery of chemical materials microwave drying equipment includes wood microwave drying equipment, grain microwave drying equipment, pet food drying equipment, and many other drying equipment. With their unique advantages, they are increasingly valued in all areas of drying!