Microwave Drying Equipment for Honeysuckle

As we all know, honeysuckle is a kind of Chinese medicinal material that is quite common in our lives. It is praised as a “hero of decreased internal heat” and has the reputation of “plant antibiotic,” which has high medicinal value. Honeysuckle, as valuable raw material, is picked around June. However, because honeysuckle has a short flowering period, a short picking period, a high moisture content, and is easy to rot, it must be dried on the same day after picking. Otherwise, it will cause a lot of waste.

The production line of honeysuckle includes de-enzyme equipment, conveying equipment and drying equipment, etc. The traditional processing method of honeysuckle is to use steam for de-enzyme treatment, let the honeysuckle cool first, and then enter the hot air drying kiln for three stages of drying. The drying time is extended, the process is complicated, and the operation and control are inconvenient. Microwave drying equipment of honeysuckle produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company uses the microwave to dry honeysuckle at low temperature, which can be used for one machine for two purposes water-removing and drying will be integrated.

Advantages of microwave drying equipment for honeysuckle

  1. From the outside of the finished product, use the honeysuckle microwave dryer to defrost and dry. The honeysuckle is even in a drying degree. The color is green, do entirely not damage and change the nutrient composition of the material.
  2. Compared to the smell, microwave drying because of the time is short, can maintain more fragrance, the fragrance is more durable than the traditional method. At the same time, honeysuckle microwave drying equipment has a sterilization function. Honeysuckle, after microwave dried, the bacteria content can fully meet the requirements of food QS certification health standards.
  3. Honeysuckle microwave drying speed is fast, does not change, and loss of color and effective honeysuckle components.The size of the honeysuckle microwave dryer is optional. The user can choose appropriate equipment according to their own conditions. The machine covers a small area and can only use electricity, environmental protection, and energy-saving.
  4. Microwave drying equipment can improve not only the value of honeysuckle products but also save drying costs. Kill two birds with one stone, significantly improve economic efficiency.

Working principle of microwave drying equipment for honeysuckle

Microwave de-enzyme uses the moisture of materials to form a steam environment, in addition to the shock effect of the high-frequency microwave, de-enzyme speed is fast, the effect is good. The color of materials is greener, at the same time in the de-enzyme link will be a little bit of water drying, for the drying link to save costs. After de-enzyme, the microwave dryer can complete the drying process at one time and form the finished product at one time.

Technical parameters of microwave drying equipment for honeysuckle

ModelWorking frequency


Input powerMicrowave output powerDimensions(m)


Dehydration levelsSterilization ability

Honeysuckle microwave drying equipment has several models that can also be customized according to the needs to choose and buy. It solves the disadvantages of the traditional way of drying, It has a good effect of drying and is sound equipment worth having!