Microwave Drying Equipment for Noodles

Many people like to eat wheaten food, especially in the north. Basically, the people of the north to eat the wheaten food, the noodles in the wheaten food, can be said to be very popular. The noodles have a variety of methods, the small noodles can make a variety of delicious food. The noodles sold in the supermarket are basically dry so that the shelf life of the noodles can be extended to the greatest extent, so how are the noodles generally dried? This requires the microwave drying equipment of noodles produced by leader microwave equipment.


Advantages of microwave drying equipment for noodles:

1.High production efficiency

The most important of the factory processing is the production efficiency, the efficiency is high, the profit is high. The noodle microwave drying machine is a mechanized production mode. The direct heating of the noodles is caused by the microwave so that the heating time is significantly shortened, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

2.No damage

The food pays attention to color and flavor, especially for noodles, it is necessary to ensure the neat noodles, the traditional drying method will exist noodle damage, and noodles microwave dryer dried noodles of the same length, very neat and undamaged.

3.It is beneficial to the next step of processing.

The noodles produced by microwave drying machines are very complete drying, which can directly enter the next step of processing and production in batches, shorten the time of the whole production link and improve the sales profit.

4.Tasteand nutrition balance

Unlike the traditional drying mode, the microwave drying machine is used for heating in a microwave mode. The noodles are heated uniformly and quickly so that the taste of the noodles is balanced with the nutrition.

5.Cleaning and environmental protection

During the drying process, the microwave drying equipment is used to clean the energy source’s energy, and the noodles are all produced in a stainless steel container. The whole process is cleaner and environment-friendly.

Microwave drying equipment for noodles

Model and technical parameters of noodle microwave drying equipment:

Total power40KW60KW80KW
Microwave suppresser opening height50mm
Transformer cooling modeair patenting
Magnetron cooling modeair patenting
Equipment microwave leakage standardMeet the national GB10436-89 standard
Input power supply380V±10% 50Hz±1%
Output microwave power15kW(Power adjustable)
Microwave frequency2450MHZ±50HZ
Rated input apparent power≤21KVA
Outward Dimensions (Length, Width, Height)9850*850*1750mm
work environment0~40℃、relative humidity≤80%

schematic diagram

The principle of noodle microwave drying equipment:

Conventional heating such as flame, hot air, electric heating, steam drying, and so on is to use the principle of heat conduction, heat from the outside of the noodles into the inside, gradually make the noodle center temperature rise, called external heating. It takes a certain amount of time for the central part to reach the required temperature, and the time for objects with poor thermal conductivity is even longer. And the drying characteristics of microwave energy, microwave energy can penetrate the inside, and outside noodles can be heated simultaneously, the frequency of 2450 MHz, with 2.45 billion shocks per second, the friction of the molecules each other to generate heat, their own heat.

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Because many people need noodles, the market demand of the noodle microwave drying equipment is becoming more and broader, and the application of the microwave technology is more and more widely, for example, the freezing chicken leg microwave thawing equipment, the tea microwave drying equipment, the frozen seafood microwave thawing equipment and the like, there is an excellent development, and they have also been sold to several countries and regions, such as Canada, Russia, Japan, and Brazil, bringing a great experience to local customers, and they also recognize our equipment.

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