The drying process of cinnamon

Now everyone about eating things is more and more exquisite. The requirements of color, taste, and taste perfect, want food to do delicious. Hence, seasoning nature is not less, such as cinnamon, food in addition to cinnamon will increase a lot of delicious. Edible cinnamon also has warm the middle and dissipate cold, regulating qi and relieve pain effect. The cinnamon we usually use is dried, so how does cinnamon dry? Leader Microwave Equipment’s cinnamon microwave drying equipment can effectively dry cinnamon.


Advantages of cinnamon microwave drying equipment

1.The low temperature drying

When using cinnamon microwave drying machine processing cinnamon, it is in a low-temperature state in the low-temperature processing in the state of negative pressure. It can significantly ensure the quality of cinnamon. This equipment is especially suitable for drying materials that need to be dried at low temperature, and the quality of treatment is very high.

In the negative pressure environment, the use of cinnamon microwave dryer drying cinnamon, cinnamon water evaporation faster at lower temperatures.

In the traditional drying method, heat cannot be transferred by convection, so the heating speed is slow, the drying time is long, and the energy consumption is large. However, the microwave drying machine uses microwaves to transfer energy and is thoroughly heated without any medium, making the drying very fast.

When using microwave dryer to dry cinnamon, microwave can directly act on the inner of cinnamon, make cinnamon inside and outside at the same time heating. Simultaneously, cinnamon inside and outside temperature difference is very small, drying materials more uniform, heating efficiency is greatly improved.

Because microwave drying equipment in the drying cinnamon can directly make the inside and outside at the same time for drying, drying speed greatly increased, usually only need a few minutes.

Model and technical parameters of cinnamon microwave drying equipment

Voltage380v 50-60Hz
Microwave power8KW(Adjustable)
Total power15KW
Control systemPLC automatic control system
Adjustable range1-8KW
Dimensions1800 * 1600 * 1900MM
YieldDry and dehydrate 30kg per hour
Industry standardsIt conforms to GB 10436-1989 health standards for microwave radiation in workplaces|Comply with GB/5226.1-2002 mechanical safety mechanical electrical equipment

Comparison of cinnamon microwave drying equipment and traditional drying methods

  1. Drying time

The traditional drying method takes a long time, usually several hours or even days, resulting in low production efficiency and reduced profits. Microwave drying equipment drying time is short, a few minutes can be completed cinnamon drying, production efficiency is very high.

  1. The evenness

Because the traditional way of drying is to gradually heat cinnamon from the outside to the inside, so there will be drying uneven situations, and the use of microwave drying equipment is to make cinnamon both inside and outside at the same time to heat, dry both uniform and thorough.

  1. Sanitary conditions

Traditional drying methods can not avoid cinnamon from the environment or artificial secondary pollution. The health situation is worrying, and microwave drying equipment is not only in the stainless steel container, to ensure cleanliness, but also can play a role in sterilization.

Nowadays, microwave technology is more and more widely used. For instance, frozen duck leg microwave defrosting equipment, jujube microwave drying equipment, vegetable microwave sterilization equipment, etc., are playing a vital role.

The cinnamon’s quality treated by cinnamon microwave drying equipment is excellent, which can add a lot of flavor to the food, so the sales volume is very high, which also makes the sales volume of microwave equipment more and more top. I believe that under the leadership of microwave technology, our life will be better and better!