Drying experiment of calcium chloride in langfang dichloride

Calcium chloride dichloride is a white or gray chemical, often presented in granular form, colorless cubic crystals, in granular, honeycomb, spherical, irregular granular, powdered form. Non-toxic, odorless, slightly bitter taste, widely used: Purpose 1: used as a refrigerant, also used in food processing, pharmacy, etc Purpose 2: used as a calcium strengthening agent, chelating agent, curing agent, and refrigerant for freezing in the food industry. Purpose 3: feed calcium supplement. Purpose 4: as a coagulant, it can be used in bean products according to production needs. Purpose 5:It can be used as refrigerant (such as freezing brine for the freezer, … Read more

Microwave swelling experiment of donkey-hide gelatin in liaocheng

Primary production is in Shandong and Zhejiang. Shandong Liaocheng production is the most famous, Zhejiang production is the largest. Besides, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Shenyang, and other places are also produced. Donkey-hide gelatin can enrich the blood, nourish blood and enhance health, etc. So many deep processing industries of donkey-hide gelatin were derived. Recently Liaocheng donkey-hide gelatin food factory customers a line of three-person to our company inspection through friends introduced. The customer is located in the producing area of donkey-hide gelatin and wants to conduct deep processing of donkey-hide gelatin. But the newly produced lump donkey-hide gelatin is not … Read more